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se ro nu sex first name surname hebrew name fathers name husbands name maiden name date of birth (m/d/y) date of death (m/d/y) additional info ph
piaski 0 1 F Sitzer Kendel Dvora Yaakov 10/8/1937 N51'8'089 E22'50'519
piaski 0 2 M Rosenblat Yosef Shmuel Yaakov Yitzhak 2/4/1940 N51'8'087 E22'50'519
piaski 0 3 M Shmuel Tzvi Meir N51'8'087 E22'50'529
piaski 0 4 F Sara Blima Eliakim Getzel 9/19/1909 N51'8'088 E22'50'463
piaski 0 4 F Tesha Ziva Yochanan 9/5/1906 N51'8'088 E22'50'463
piaski 0 5 F Rivka N51'8'108 E22'50'431 grób podwójny